Friday 22 May 2015
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(Pink tablets)

DanabolDanabol is clearly the strongest anabolic product in tablets. The ideal daily dosage in men seems to be 4 tablets divided into three doses (1 in the morning, 2 midday, 1 in the evening) taken with the meals. This dosage can be lowered to 3 tablets if you combine Danabol with other MegaGear supplements.
Athletes using Danabol tablets report very impressive muscle mass gains as well as very significant strength gains. The resulting muscles might sometimes look puffy, this is caused by apparent water retention.
Every black box of Danabol contains 100 pink tablets. Hologram sticker shows the MegaGearâ„¢ logo in one layer and word ORIGINAL repeated many times in the second layer. If you do not buy Danabol directly from our company online shop you are encouraged to check the unique control number (sticker on the top of the box) using the PRODUCT VALIDATOR on the right side of our website.
Contains: active substance
mod #2007nz
Dicalcium phosphate
Octadecanoic acid

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